Driving, 16 or 18 years old?

be a safe ddriver

be a safe driver

16 or18 years old?  I personally think 16 but maybe that’s because I can’t drive yet, what do you think?  Should you be 18 years old to be able to drive or do you think that it is fine at the minimized age of 16? I hope you haven’t decided yet because I want you to listen. I want you to hear what I have to say and while you are I want you to think about what you have the capability of doing.

First you get the “pleasure” of hearing why you should be 18 years old to drive.  As you may or may not know 16 and 18th birthdays are special and maturing ages, but as we all know (I hope) that when you turn 18 you are officially an adult! Whooo!  And if you didn’t already know that well know you do, see you learn something new everyday. People tend to have more trust than they do in kids (which I think is unfair and prejudice) thus leading people towards picking age 18 vs. 16. Also because it is more likely that when you’re 18 you will be more mature and tamed than a 16 year old. Which is also prejudice because a lot of 16 year olds happen to be really mature and some 18 year olds aren’t because as I said before they are adults so they might feel like they can do any thing they want.

Guess what I am going to tell you about next? … Go on guess… I’m waiting…. CORRECT! …I think. If you guessed that I’m going to tell you about unicorns and dragons you are Incorrect, but thanks for trying. If you think that I’m going to tell you why you should be 16 years old to drive you ARE correct. And if you didn’t guess at all I think that I gave you plenty of time and you should’ve, but there is no point of going back now so lets just move on. You should be able to drive when you are 16 instead of 18 for more experience on the road. But if you don’t get the option of driving when you are 16 it is like loosing two years of experience on the road or loosing two years of safe driving education. I also believe that it is safe for 16 year olds to drive because their parent decides if they believe that their child is ready to learn how to drive. So if the parents think that their kid is safe and responsible they will most likely decide that it is ok for their child to drive and vise versa because once the wheel is in our hands so is your life.

If you are still stuck between whether you think 18  16 or 18 is better please don’t resort to picking 17! Instead use this paragraph as a tiebreaker. When kids drive at 72 months old (16 years) old they might think that their minds are developed enough to be an adult even though they aren’t. People who agree with this statement might think that their minds aren’t developed enough while people like me might think other wise. I think that it helps their mind developed. It helps it developed independence. Driving at age 16 helps teens gain independency because they will have to get their own body from point “A” to point “B” all on their own. They will break off of the branch of having to always rely on their parents for transportation just like in adult hood like.

Decision time!!! Ok I’ll give you some time to think. Teens should be able to drive the minimized age of 16 and I don’t think that the limit should be raised to 18. If the teenager is responsible, mature, and feels confident of being a safe driver they should at least get the choice or even a chance to drive. So tell me what is your answer? Are you going to hold future adults back from two extra years of experience on safe driving or are you going to let them gain their independency? Now don’t let just me know do something about it I know I am!!! Be a safe driver

Flag Team


color gaurd flas

color guard flag by:www.colorguardcenteral.com

  I like to stay active, it’s just the kind of person I am. Like most kids who like to stay active I participate in sports. I use to do softball and basketball outside of school, but now I am in a sport you could say that a lot of kids don’t know or care about but is special to me. I participate in color guard also known as flag team. We perform with marching band, drum line, and cheer team for special events in and outside of our school. Our last performance was at an art festival. And we also had a resent performance for our school open house which we preformed three times! We also had the amazing pleasure of representing our school in our annual city parade. We did our routine several times in the parade while walking at least one mile through our city. It was exhausted, but all that work paid off when we heard that we had won The Mayor’s Choice Award.

           Along with all the fun that comes with being in flag team comes the responsibility and practice. At the end of every week we get the option of taking our flags home to practice (which I usually do) then bring it back Monday for practice.  On Monday – Wednesday practice we practice for about one hour. On Thursday, practice if we are preparing for a special performance that requires the whole marching band, we practice from 1:20-3:00, so about three hours! On Friday if we do have practice we practice for one to two hours depending on our progress. All of this is hard work of course but it all pays off when you know that you had a successful performance, and all the fun you have takes over the work (sort of)


French words for week one

 The first word is…Ca va. Ca va can mean how are you doing if you say it in a questioning voice, or it can mean things are fine if you say it as a response. It kind of sounds like this say “sa” like in the beginning of salsa, then say “va” with the same sounding a as in the sound “sa” .

The second word is… Merci. Merci means thankyou and it sounds excactly like the word “mercy” but just with a french accent.

 And of course you must learn how to say Bonjour or hello. Keep in mind that it also means good morning. I don’t know how to help you pronounce this word with out giving you wrong information so if you don’t know how to pronounce bonjour click on this link for some help.



How am I doing?

For student challenge number 10 we had to review our blogs, to do so we answered the following questions.

# How many posts did you write?

I have written 7 post in the limited time I have.

# How many were school based post and how many were your own interests? School based post: 5, own interests: 2

# How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students. From classmates: 2, teachers or overseas students:9

# Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened? Spring break, earth day and where I’m from. I think that these post got the most comments because people can relate to what I posted.

# Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why? I liked writing Earth and because I didn’t have to rush and because I enjoy writing poems.

# Did you change blog themes at all and why?I didn’t change my theme because it has enough space and I like how it looks.

# How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough? I don’t think that I have too little or too much but I would like to add more to make my blog seem more attractive.

My reliable friend Raymond answered these questions of what he thinks about my blog.

* What were your first impressions of this blog?-I liked it because of the colors and it made me want to read it.

* What captured your attention? What really captured my attention was the coloring of the post and the animals.

* What distracted you on the blog? The animals because it was really tempting to play with them

* What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog? Maybe you could add more widgets on the left side.

My first blog nomination is…..

Daredevil 15

url: http://5dstudent15.edublogs.org/

I nominated her blog because she always updates it and has so many things going on. For one she has a picture of the day and a song of the day.I also admire her blog because she keeps up with  the challenges. She also adds amazing widgets on to her side lines.One thing that got me addicted to her blog was the impossible game that she has. She usually has great writing that I enjoy reading and responding to which made me want to go back and check to see if she has posted anything new.

Facebook and twitter

For  challenge number  nine we had to look into how teen use technology. I know that a lot of people are on twitter such as my aunt. She is in high school, but in a lot of her free time she is on the computer on twitter. I’m not sure if she -like a lot of people- checks it on her phone,but I wouldn’t be surprised  if she did. Later on I found out that a lot of my school mates have twitters as well. Luckily I don’t think that neither of them check their twitter before bed or as soon as they wake up like 48%  respondents do. Some people check their twitter/facebooks before they get out of bed, before they turn on the T.V., and to get the news.  Those people to me would seem to be lost without their facebook and twitter.


They can save you in a black out.

They’re as waxy as a beehive

Their fragrances are delightful

They are as lively as a forest with tropical animals

flickering in the wind,

giving off heat like a leaking faucet dripping off water…

slowly but surly

relaxing and peaceful like a sunset at the beach

can you guess what it is?



I love poems
poems are great
on a scale from one to five
they get an eight

Poems are inspiring
they make you want to do
a wonderful thing
they make you want to stop the war
like in the poem
the box
you want want to bound up that boxs
with lots and lot of  locks

so why don’t you do it
follow your heart
let it lead you
like a rolling cart

I love poems
poems are great
on a scale from one to five
they get an eight

Earth Day

Dear world,

As you know the earth is in danger! There are so many ways to save it and many of them are simple here are a few ways to help. One way is to turn off the lights when ever you leave the room. That is easy for me, because it is something that is a habit of mine. You could also ask an adult  to replac your light bubs with CFLs, which are way more efficient than  regular ones. Another way to save the earth is by using less paper then using it again for something else, and once that’s all done you recycle it and that is the famous Reduce Reuse Recycle. You should also try to eat all of your food off of your plate so that you don’t wast any food that ends up going to the land field. You should also use reusable bottles and non plastic and styrofoam objects.These are just a few ways to save the earth, if you can think of more ways to help please tell me by leaving a comment.

Spring Break!

Next week is spring break  and I could really use the break from school. I’m extremely excited, relived and worried for spring Break I’m worried because I don’t know what I’m going to do! I might go to my school’s after school program during that time or I might not. If I do go the only good part about going there is that on Thursday we get to go to mulligans. My other options aren’t as boring I might go to my Nana’s house and stay with my cousin, but still that gets boring. All I do over there is read, play basketball, play catch, play video games, and watch TV it might sound fun at first but not so much after a while. The only good part I’m looking forward to is Easter, the Saturday  before Easter, and the next weekend before we go back to the dreaded school. we are going to my Grandmas house for a  BBQ. Why I’m egg-cited for Easter is Self-explanatory. The reason I can’t wait for the next weekend is because we might go to either going to go to Disney Land, Mulligans, or Midievil Times. Still no matter what I CAN’T WAIT FOR SPRING BREAK!!!