The Baseball Game

Robert Stanley just got home from his job as a Dodger ticket seller. He wore a plaid shirt that was tucked into his saggy, blue, and worn out jeans. As he slugged through his living room, he passed his flat-screened computer, a sculpture of a van made of hundred dollar bills, a dartboard, a pool table, and two leather couches. He sat on the first leather couch and turned on his 65-inch flat screen TV and waited for the baseball game. It was 5:30 and the game started at 6:10.

Grrrrr, he heard his stomach rumble.

“Man I must be hungry, ” Robert, mumbled, “Well, I still have to order a pizza.” So he sat back down and ordered the pizza.

At 5:58,his wife walked in through the door and exclaimed “Wow you put away all the laundry already!”

Then Robert questioned in confusion, “What?”

“Don’t you remember, this morning we made a promise that while I go drop off the kids at my sister’s house you would fold and put the laundry. And you can’t sit on the couch until you do!” She stated almost out of breath.

Robert was stunned, thinking of what to say, so he simply said, “Fine but can it wait the game is about to start?”

“No!” She scolded him.

He quickly did the laundry. By the time he had finished it was 6: 27. Then,  just his luck, it started to rain. I bet for you this is no big deal? But Robert has a satellite dish so the rain was blocking the connection.

“Man I should have bought cable instead of that money van sculpture.” He said regretfully. He listened to the rain’s pitter-patter since he couldn’t even watch the news. He heard the rain go “Plop, plop, plop, plop… BOOM BOOM” Which was all he heard until he hatched an idea.

“I know!” He exclaimed “I’ll put a big tarp over my house!” Robert headed strait to the store to go buy a tarp. Once he was back home, he had realized that he would need some help, so he three-way called Steve and Tom. “Hey would you guys mind coming over to help me put a tarp over my house? I have everything we need, I just need some help putting it up.”

“But there is one little problem,” Tom complained “it’s raining outside”

“Really, I thought it was a bright sunny day.” Steve joked sarcastically, “ But Really, I don’t want to work in the pounding rain and thunder.”

“That is true,” Robert admitted

“Ding dong” he heard.

“Hold on guys, I think my pizza is finally here.”

“Here’s your pizza, that‘ll be like $6.99,”the pizza man calmly stated.

“Here, keep the change.” So Robert slapped $10s into his hands and closed the door.” “Hello, guys?”

“Robert get into your car right now and bring your pizza with you, I have an idea. Why don’t us two go to Tom’s house, eat pizza and nachos, drink soda, and watch the game there.” Steve stated, so inspirationaly. So that is what they did. Then during the 9th inning the ran haddo all that hard work that would end up being for nothing. stopped, and Robert felt relieved that he didn’t