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This week our student blogging challenge is to write about were we live. I live in the United states or more specifically Lawndale, California.I live in Lawndale, but I’ve only lived here for about a year in a half. Even though I have lived here for a short amount of time I know many events that happen or have happened in Lawndale. For example I know that they just built a new library. I was already living here when they opened it for the first time. I also know that there is a farmers every week on Wed. in front of the library and city hall. I know that because I live close to all of those places. Another event that happens in Lawndale is the holiday decorating contest, which is a contest that happens around Christmas and you decorate your house and (if  you register) judges will come around and rate your house in different categories. I know about this because we took  place in that competition and won third place in lighting . Lastly there is the Lawndale parade. This is sort of new to me, but I know about it because this year I will be in it on flag team. There are other events here were I live but these were the ones I love the most.

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  1. G’day Funnybunny,
    We also have a house decorating contest at Christmas time, and the family who live next door to me set up beautiful lights for people to come and visit.

    Congratulations on getting third for lighting last year.

  2. Thanks I never thought of my blog to be helpful. If I may ask what about my blog was helpful to you, I would really like to know. Please reply.

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