Earth Day

Dear world,

As you know the earth is in danger! There are so many ways to save it and many of them are simple here are a few ways to help. One way is to turn off the lights when ever you leave the room. That is easy for me, because it is something that is a habit of mine. You could also ask an adult  to replac your light bubs with CFLs, which are way more efficient than  regular ones. Another way to save the earth is by using less paper then using it again for something else, and once that’s all done you recycle it and that is the famous Reduce Reuse Recycle. You should also try to eat all of your food off of your plate so that you don’t wast any food that ends up going to the land field. You should also use reusable bottles and non plastic and styrofoam objects.These are just a few ways to save the earth, if you can think of more ways to help please tell me by leaving a comment.

Spring Break!

Next week is spring break  and I could really use the break from school. I’m extremely excited, relived and worried for spring Break I’m worried because I don’t know what I’m going to do! I might go to my school’s after school program during that time or I might not. If I do go the only good part about going there is that on Thursday we get to go to mulligans. My other options aren’t as boring I might go to my Nana’s house and stay with my cousin, but still that gets boring. All I do over there is read, play basketball, play catch, play video games, and watch TV it might sound fun at first but not so much after a while. The only good part I’m looking forward to is Easter, the Saturday  before Easter, and the next weekend before we go back to the dreaded school. we are going to my Grandmas house for a  BBQ. Why I’m egg-cited for Easter is Self-explanatory. The reason I can’t wait for the next weekend is because we might go to either going to go to Disney Land, Mulligans, or Midievil Times. Still no matter what I CAN’T WAIT FOR SPRING BREAK!!!